19803 68th Avenue W
Lynnwood, WA 98036

Lynnwood Ice Center

(425) 640-9999


“Went on a Friday night and it was surprisingly empty! There were probably only 30-70 people there throughout the night so the rink was wide open. We bought an Amazon Local deal for 2 for only $10 so it was a great bargain and a fun night!”
– Jarenn N

“My daughter wants to start ice skating so we went to this place on a review from another yelper. The first day was good. I hope her next trip goes the same. IF it doesn’t I will edit this. The facility is clean, the staff is friendly. The center isn’t too big so you can locate your kid easily lol.”
– Roz H.

“Not a bad little rink here in Lynnwood. I’ve been here before to watch hockey scrimmages, and the arena can be a little cold when you’re not moving around. (Well, dur, it’s an ice rink.) It’s clean and obviously well kept. I went with Kaarin on a weekday and it was absolutely empty. Which for us, was a great thing. There were a couple of casual skaters, as well as a few young girls doing private lessons. The ice was smooth and not rippled or bumpy like I’ve had at other arenas. Staff was mostly accommodating, though the guy at the skate counter was a little cranky. I’m not a very good ice skater, so we didn’t stick around too long, but it was a nice diversion for a little while on a hot day.”
-Lindsay P.

“Nicer than the other facilities in the area”
– Brian W.

“Had a great skate here, and my skill level (poor!) was just fine–there were plenty of beginners so I fit right in. Had a great time and the price was totally reasonable.”
– Eliza T

“I don’t ice skate. I kinda just hang on to the wall and hope for the best. Hey, I’ve only been three times in my life, but I’m trying so I guess that counts for something. Anyway, this place is very nice! The have discount skate hours which means it only costs $8 (for ice time and skate rentals) for me to fall on my butt and make a fool of myself! My nephew is a Rink Rat (he’s learning to play ice hockey) and has his games here. It’s great fun to watch a bunch of 6 year olds try to play hockey. Sidney Crosby they are not! As an adult spectator, this ice rink is easy to get to, there is plenty of parking, and plenty of seating. Overall a very cool place. (Sorry for the pun!)”
– Lydia K